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Can online dating lead to marriage

Our middle son recently announced his can online dating lead to marriage to a young woman he has been friends with since childhood and dated for nearly four years. My husband and I are grateful for the way in which Luke and Audrey have discerned their engagement and their plans for a Church wedding this May. In our house, group dating may begin at age 16, but one-on-one dating is forbidden until age 18.

Our reasoning is that dating is a prelude to marriage, and no one should date who isn’t ready to begin the search and make the commitment to marriage. Dating and discernment are important and require the right intentions and approaches, based on individual personalities and holy purpose. It’s more about having accomplished certain developmental and moral tasks,» he said. Popcak recommends that parents ask themselves certain questions when deciding whether and when to allow their children to date, including: Does my child know how to be friends with the opposite sex? Dating plays a vital role in the marriage-discernment process, giving young people experiences with the opposite gender so that they can learn what types of personalities may be a good match for them. For Stu and Liz Sigmund of Oconomowoc, Wis.

The Sigmunds dated for four years and were engaged for one before marrying in 2011. They also both were discerning vocations to the religious life, with Liz being more certain that she was called to marriage, but Stu still divided between marriage and the priesthood. There’s no reason to date someone you don’t really think you would marry someday,» said Liz. I used to actually tell my mom that I was only going to date the person that I was going to marry.

That turned out to be true for me. The Sigmunds also point out that dating is about family: learning to live with each other’s families, which sometimes can be quite difficult, and preparing to form a new one together. Something I always felt to be important for a good relationship is for each spouse to be accepted and supported by the other’s family, and our dating time was often centered on the time spent with each other’s family. How could I have ever expected Liz to marry me and become a part of my family if she didn’t know firsthand what that was going to mean? Plus, I always have believed that marriage is about family. God intends marriage to be based on authentic love, aimed at bringing one another closer to Christ. Christian life or a great danger and hindrance.

Mark Hart, executive vice president of Life Teen International. Hart is also known as the «Bible Geek. He and his wife have three young children. Real love, says the Sigmunds, isn’t something to take for granted. They encourage young couples who are dating and discerning marriage to surround themselves with people who have positive feelings about marriage, go to Mass and adoration together and participate in activities that make it easier for them to learn and grow deeper in their faith together. Make it deliberate, and wait until you really know.