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For the cell appendage, see Flagellum. IJzeren voetring voor gevangenen transparent background. North and South America Americas indigenous U. The strokes are usually aimed at the unclothed back of a person, christian dating sites trinidad certain settings it can be extended to other corporeal areas.

In some circumstances the word «flogging» is used loosely to include any sort of corporal punishment, including birching and caning. Officially abolished in most Western countries, flogging or whipping, including foot whipping in some countries, is still a common punishment in some parts of the world, particularly in countries using Islamic law and in some territories formerly under British rule. Flogging is a form of punishment used under Islamic Sharia law. Rabbinic law lashes may be given for offenses that do not merit capital punishment, and may not exceed 40. However, in the absence of a Sanhedrin, corporal punishment is not practiced in Jewish law. This section needs additional citations for verification.

In Sparta, young men were flogged as a test of their masculinity. In the Roman Empire, flagellation was often used as a prelude to crucifixion, and in this context is sometimes referred to as scourging. Whips with small pieces of metal or bone at the tips were commonly used. The Romans reserved this treatment for non-citizens, as stated in the lex Porcia and lex Sempronia, dating from 195 and 123 BC. Typically, the one to be punished was stripped naked and bound to a low pillar so that he could bend over it, or chained to an upright pillar so as to be stretched out.