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Cs go matchmaking server

The update will cs go matchmaking server applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. Players will now be ranked using a model based on the Glicko rating system used in CS:GO.

The old 18 Competitive ranks have been consolidated into 13 new ranks. We’ve made changes geared toward preserving the current damage range of flamethrowers, but requiring better aim to do so. The Gas Passer We found a couple of issues with the Mann vs. Machine upgrade «Explode on Ignite» that resulted in it doing far more damage than intended. We’ve increased base damage to help offset some of the reduction in output these fixes bring about. Changes to the «Explode On Ignite» upgrade in Mann vs. The Axtinguisher The slow deploy time — which is there to help «pay» for the burst-damage this weapon is capable of — hasn’t been very well received, and we agree that it feels awkward.

The design goal of this pass is to embrace the concept of a finishing-move weapon — which requires planning, timing, and introduces opportunity for «combo» gameplay. The Thermal Thruster We erred on the side of conservative with the initial design — as this item introduces a lot of mobility to a class that’s typically lacked it — but having watched players for a while, we think it is safe to make it easier for Pyros to switch back to their weapon Holster time reduced to 0. The Sydney Sleeper Jarate is a powerful effect, and this weapon makes it too easy for one Sniper to substantially increase the damage potential of their team. And, unlike the Jarate jar, the infinite-range of the rifle means the Sniper can be far away from danger. The Short Circuit The current design of zapping projectiles is interesting, but we’re not happy with how much it can be done.