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In its centuries-old history Belarus has more than once become dating brest arena for bloodsheds. Each war brought deaths and devastation. The Great Patriotic War was the most sacrificial one. A general plan of the war against the USSR and all instructions concerning its preparation and conducting were stated in the Directive No.

It was the so-called “Barbarossa plan”. Wehrmacht’s plan of attacking the Soviet Union. Three powerful groups were built to attack the USSR. They were “North”, “Center” and “South”. The “North” group was ordered to destroy the Soviet troops in the Baltic countries.

It also had to capture the ports in the Baltic Sea, including Kronstadt and Leningrad, thus depriving the Soviet fleet of its leading positions. The “South” group’s aim was to conquer the wealth of the Caucasus, its grain and oil. The “Center” group was directed at destroying Soviet troops in Bielorussia, which could consequently help to attack Smolensk and Moscow. The second air fleet, the strongest in the Nazi army, supported the advance of the “Center” group. Together with the military plans there were also other projects of awesome outrage on the occupied territories.

The main plan “OST” plan was elaborated still in 1940. It had something to do with one of the main objectives of the German leaders, i. So, clearing “the vital space” from “excessive” local population was supposed to be done. Therefore the long-term concept of making a war in the East, the so-called war of annihilation, followed from this idea.