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Dating cerebral palsy

Would any man date a woman with cerebral palsy? The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Okay so short answer to your question is Yes. Before I met my wife who I’ve been married to for 10 years, I was with a guy for 5 and dating cerebral palsy half years and he and I are still friends.

We didn’t break up over my CP either, just to clear that up. So yes, there are people who can see past disability. They’re also referred to as NOT assholes! Because anyone who would get that hung up about it is not a person your friend should want to be dating. As for taking responsibility for being with her, let me be clear here. Your friend is asking if someone would date her, not be her personal care aide. It is not a person’s job to fill in as a full time aide just because they date you.

In my opinion, someone doing so is a recipe for resentment and bad boundaries – neither of which is good for a relationship. A significant other has responsibilities, yes. They should care about you and your needs and wants, they should respect you and learn how to communicate with you, even if you have palsy voice or use a computer or whatever. Learning to be with you might mean learning how to handle how you move and or communicate. And in choosing to date me or be in a relationship with me, that person is choosing to spend time with me and respect me. To be with me, not to be my fulltime caregiver. My partner helps me at times, but not all the time.

Every couple has negotiate how things will work, and it is not different when one is disabled. Only you can decide how much you are comfortable letting a significant other help you. I think might have been more what your friend meant. I have a good friend who has severe CP. Just as her friend, I have learned how to communicate with her, help her with meals and make sure she is comfortable and can keep her dignity in her chair. Disabled or not, your friend deserves someone who sees her as a person and a partner, not and obligation or a responsibility.

How can I date a girl if I have cerebral palsy? What is it like courting or dating someone with Cerebral Palsy? If a person with cerebral palsy invites you for a date, would you go? Does cerebral palsy shorten a person’s life span?