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Dating cliches

Is your love red, green, or blue? Where shall dating cliches meet him or her? Are you in the Love or Twilight Zone? Will He Drop You like a Hot Potato?

Is Your Lover Like Catnip or Spinach? Can You Think Straight in Love? Prefer the Sexes Different or Similar? Crush’s Body Imbedded in Your Mind?

Are You Fooled by Physical Attraction? Is the Past Affecting Your Love Life? What Do the Kisses Tell You? Will Your Crush Become a Squeeze? Can You Mend a Broken Heart? What Would Your Lover Look Likeas a Human Thumb?

Is your Crush a Game Player? What do Your Partner’s Sleep Positions Mean? How Sharp is your Dating Compass? The Psyche Session: He doesn’t know you EXIST!

What physical qualities make you MELT? Are you able to be intimate? Do You Flirt Without Knowing It? Do you LIKE the opposite sex? What is Your “Love Finder” Personality Style? What Kind of Gift or Toy is Your Partner? How Do You Feel NOW About Your Lover?