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Dating daddy issues

Men with daddy issues — can this even happen? I once heard a story about a professor of a popular seminary. The culture says this about women dating daddy issues have had a poor relationship with their dad, and when that childhood hurt affects other relationships. And so on and so forth.

And the ironic thing is that men who make fun of women for having daddy issues are usually the exact same men who also have daddy issues. Little boys need their moms, yes. But they also need their dads. I can speak from experience that young boys watch every move their dad makes. Young boys are always observing what happens in the household. And if they see their fathers acting up — abusive behavior, apathetic behavior, confusing behavior — they’ll pick up on some of those traits.

It’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of a father in the family household. Without him, many of us men eventually crumble without ever realizing why. We want to blame the world for something our dads should have done. What does this look like with men? Chauvinistic behavior which often leads to sexually and verbally abusing women. Severe feelings of competition with other men, mostly due to anger and pride. A sense of over-dependence, unable to trust anyone since your dad never came through.