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Win a Japanese Snack box today! To Watch Meteor Garden 2018 Or Not To Watch It. Chu Dating hyd Xun is a very clever and smart high school girl.

Her dream is to get into the prestigious Aliston University, in which she managed to get in with her uncle’s help. Murong Yun Hai, Duanmu Lei, Shangguan Rui Qian, and Ye Shuo are the four richest students in the university, and they became the idol of all the girls there. These guys are not happy with their lives their parents planned for them. As a fan of Zhang Han, it has already been written in the stars that I would watch the drama that launched his career. It really made me wonder why this unofficial Chinese adaptation of Hana Yori Dango had such a low score here and also negative comments in different blogs. As I watched every episode of the drama, it also made me wonder how it became an unofficial adaptation when it followed the basic elements of the original story. However, one must be patient in watching in order to enjoy it fully.

One major thing that made me love this drama was the chemistry of our main leads, Chu Yu Xun and Murong Yun Hai. No wonder Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang ended up dating in real life! In terms of acting, Zhang Han playing the Domyouji character really made my fangirl heart jump out of happiness. I believe he played it so well next to Jerry Yan’s Dao Ming Si.

I gave the music section a perfect score because I really love the OSTs that I’m even listening to them now as I type this. My favorite ones are Love’s Waltz, Let Me Sing A Song For You, I Want to Soar, etc and most of them were sang by the cast members! It was a chance for me to actually listen to their real voices as they were all dubbed in this drama. I gave a low score to the rewatch value because I feel that it would be dragging to rewatch everything all over again. I would also be unfair and say that nothing can beat the rewatch value of Meteor Garden which is why I gave such a low score.

My apologies for writing such a long review but it only means that I’m very passionate because I believe that more people should give this drama a chance. Was this review helpful to you? I personally don’t understand why people are so critical? This drama is something really special. Despite the fact, that it is a numerous interpretation of ‘Boys over flowers’, it remains one of the best among the others. From the first episodes I became fascinated by this drama: actors, plot, music – everithing was perfect. It was my first Chinese drama, and I can’t compare it with other Chinese creations, however, the first impression was completely positive.