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1 Leave the car park and turn right, then left at the T-junction. At the roundabout go left, then go right at the next roundabout down Dundas Street, bending right dating richmond hill Frenchgate then left into Station Road. Just past the church, take Lombards Wynd left.

2 Turn right at the next junction and follow the track, passing to the right of the Drummer Boy Stone along the path. Leaving Richmond behind, go over two stiles and follow the waymarks towards the Abbey to another two stiles. Turn right along the track and right again, this time down the metalled lane which leads to the Abbey in the village of Easby. 3 Go to the left of the car park along the track. Where it divides, keep on the higher path, then go right by Platelayers Cottage over the old railway bridge.

Turn left up Priory Villas, bearing right to go in front of the houses and through three gates. Keeping parallel to the river, cross some playing fields and pass a clubhouse to a road. 5 Cross the road, and take a signed path opposite, to the left of the cottage. Climb steeply through the woodland, through a gate and a stile, bending right at the end of the woodland to a stile in a crossing fence.

Turn right over the stile, and follow the signed path over 12 more stiles. Just before reaching a gate, go right through a wall gap and left to another stile. 6 Turn right, to go through a gate. Follow the track as it bends downhill to a bridge. Cross it and walk to the lane. Go left and left again at the main road.