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Physical boundaries are pretty easy to spot. It’s clear why you need dating signs she likes you like locking doors, fences, and room darkening panel curtains.

Physical boundaries let the good things in and keep the bad things out. But there are other types of boundaries you might be overlooking. Emotional boundaries aren’t as easy to see, but they’re just as important. Especially with family, emotional boundaries are easily blurred if you don’t make them clear. The holiday season is typically when you see family the most. Here’s the truth: Confident people are masters at creating, communicating, and enforcing their emotional boundaries. Your Energy is Always Drained When you think of boundaries, you probably imagine things like cutting off a toxic relationship, quitting a soul sucking job, etc.

Those are signs an emotional boundary is too low and needs to be raised. However, boundaries allow good things in just as much as they keep bad things out. Being independent is great, but we’re not meant to live entirely on our own. If you struggle to ask for or accept help, you’ll eventually run out of energy.

This stems from a lack of trust. You’re not comfortable being vulnerable with people, so you keep everything to yourself. Maybe you’re unable to accept compliments or thank-yous. It can even be something as simple as insisting no one buys you gifts or pays for dinner because you want to be independent. On a deeper emotional level, it can look like not expressing your true feelings because you’re afraid of rejection.

These are all signs an emotional boundary is too high, and needs to be lowered. The most confident people know that vulnerability is the ultimate sign of strength. The next time someone offers you something, accept it. But just because you’re in control, doesn’t mean you’re aligning your actions with your needs. It’s like owning a car and handing over the keys. The car is still yours, but you’re letting someone else drive.