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I’m Hannes from South Africa, I’m a white male 17 years old. On 20 June, while studying for my exam the next day, I was shot at 6 dating site for mentally retarded through the window while lying in my bed.

All they took was the laptop. 11 armed robberies fr 11 consecutive nights. The police warned us whiteys that the next person to shoot at the robbers would go to jail. It’s a horrible situation in Rhodesia and South Africa and I think that the U. Niggers are now openly attacking whites in the streets here and nothing is being done about it.

In fact, the police and courts protect the nigger attackers and prosecute those who defend themselves against them. My only advice is for you to get out. Get away from the niggers any way you can. People make all sorts of  excuses why they can’t move or leave but if they only knew the danger they are in by being near niggers, they would leave with only the clothes on their backs. Feel free to join our forum at : niggermania. Your site has to be by far the funniest shit i’ve ever read keep it going man can’t fucking stop laughing and the funniest shit is that its all true heres my funniest nigger joke for you not sure if it was up on there didnt get to read them all.

Why do all niggers have nightmares? We killed the one that had a dream. I’ve been reading your website for a couple of days and I’ve been enjoying it very much, albeit somewhat ashamedly. I’ve observed a lot of the behavior you call TNB but I’ve never been vocal about it or used the n word. I guess you could say I’m a coward too. I’m even nervous emailing you, what if my friends found out?

I do really like your site and don’t want to be obnoxious. There is one pro-black argument I didn’t see addressed and I’d like to get your thoughts on it. I just didn’t see it yet. What about blacks who become highly educated and are working professionals, doctors, professors, etc. And what about stars like Barack Obama?

I’m not attempting to argue, I just really am curious. I lived in New Orleans in my 20s, and if you’ve ever had to live and work in a city where blacks are the majority – esecially if you’re a working class secretary who has to ride the bus – well, it’s a special kind of hell. I won’t go into it because I’m sure you know, anyway, I don’t want to take up your time. I don’t want to offend you.

Bear in mind that the niggers you speak of – the doctors, lawyers, etc. There was a lot of race mixing going on since the days of slavery and white Irish slaves were forced to breed with nigger slaves as a mixed-race slave was more valuable. In contrast, remember that a pure-blooded, Sub Saharan African negro has not advanced or progressed in thousands of years. They have yet to develop a system of writing on their own or even invent the wheel. No other ‘race’ has never progressed, only niggers.

To this day, they still live in straw huts and barely even use rudimentary tools. The ONLY time they accomplish anything is when you introduce white blood in them. And even then, their accomplishments are dubious at best. Just how many competent nigger doctors, lawyers, and professionals are there? In fact, there are not enough niggers in the U. IQ high enough to graduate a university to fill the quotas of companies and corporations for management positions!

Thus, many niggers are shuffled through these schools, hired by companies, put in a corner office, and given monkey work to keep them busy. Niggers as a whole, are the single most drain on the United States and will ultimately result in its ruination. As of now, entire sections of our cities have been destroyed and it’s only getting worse. I get messages like this all the time and I check them out. But when the first two arguments are so weak, why bother with the rest of it? I get tired seeing the same old damn unsupported arguments over and over.

But for old time’s sake, I’ll read what they write. At least until it just gets too absurd to take seriously. Like this guy’s link, all I had to do was read the first two rebuttals to see how it would be pointless to read further. His first argument is that poverty causes nigger crime. This myth is so common and proven wrong by me so many times over the years that I’ve included it in my Responses to Nigger Defenders page. He just didn’t bother to read my response to his ‘earth shattering’ argument that he sent me.

First, as for the disproportionate rate of violent crime committed by blacks, economic conditions explain the difference with white crime rates. In other words, the implicit message of Taylor’s report — that blacks are dangerous because they are black — is insupportable. Inequality and Violence in the United States. What am I supposed to do? Go out and buy the book?