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Listed here are the most sought after Historic Charleston attractions that have contributed to the spirit and character of this legendary city. If you love a good look into the past or have an appreciative eye for beauty and charm, dating sites for wealthy seniors any of these sites to your travel itinerary and you won’t be disappointed.

While the South Carolina Aquarium is a relatively new venue, I’ve chosen to list it with these other Historic Charleston attractions because, among other things, it shows where Charleston was on the map ages ago compared to where it is now, while also showing the history of the Lowcountry inhabitants. If your trip to Charleston includes visits only to the attractions listed on this page, you will get a great birds-eye view of the brilliant appeal of this great city. In fact, when we have friends or relatives in town for only a short while, this list of Historic Charleston attractions is what we choose to explore with them. They get a great taste of the Lowcountry and we get to be tourists in our own home town! I hope you have as much fun as I do finding your favorite Historic Charleston attractions! Please note that pricing and hours of operation may change at any time.

Be sure to contact the attraction directly for the most current information. 1818, this house still holds many of it’s original furnishings and has been preserved almost unchanged since 1858. White Point Gardens Top 10 Best! One of my favorite Historic Charleston attractions! This “still working” plantation is lined with “one of the world’s longest oak-lined avenues” and has been cultivating crops for over 320 years. 50, under 6 yrs are free. Learn all about the Lowcountry and it’s history.

They now also have a hands-on children’s exhibit called Kidstory. Dating back to 1809, this was originally constructed inside the Planters Hotel and built on the site of one of America’s first theatres dating 1736. A replica of a Georgian Playhouse. Dock Street Theatre is closed for renovations until 2010.

1738, Drayton Hall maintains its nearly original state and is the oldest preserved plantation house in America that is still open to the public. 1825, this house showcases original furnishings and possessions while showcasing a fantastic view of the Charleston Harbor. It is known most for the reside of General Beauregard who witnessed the attack on Ft. The site where the Civil War began on April 12, 1861. This National Memorial sits in the middle of Charleston Harbor and can be visited by ferry or private boat. Tours leave from either Patriots Point in Mt.