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Disscuss anything you wish in here. Personal Ads and Dating Post Your Personal Ads Here. Members feel free to reply back. Across thirteen original contributions, this issue explores the newly emerging complexities that materiality poses to the creative sphere. Somewhat unpredictably, some of the best submissions we received came from artists and scholars working with the written and spoken word. Writing, reading, breathing, and vibrating leadthe way to new conceptions of materiality in art. Marta Smolińska’s focus on plastic as emblem of our particular socio-ecological milieu, to the depths of digital decay explored in Patrizia Costantin’s essay, this issue of Antennae provides many opportunities to re-think materiality at a time of uncertainty.

As always, our gratitude goes to all the artists and scholars who have made this issue possible through their dedication, patience, and care. This is an experimental essay in critical-creative spirit, a document of intra-action between the two of us, and many other bodies. Taru developed a text partially in response to the performance and the installation. Subsequently, following the multispecies practice of breathing as a common territory, we proceeded entangling thoughts around vegetal-being and our multiple belongings and affiliations within this world of matter, and relationship of our artistic and curatorial practices with it. This essay explores the relationship between touching and seeing through the lens of phenomenological experience, framed by the concepts of embodied visuality, haptic and optical images. It argues for the usefulness of the approach for thinking critically about human-animal relationships and the affective mediated experience of other subjectivities.

Cane toads were imported to Australia to control agricultural pests — a role they soon ignored, spreading widely. Text and Images by Jonathan W. Reading aloud has become an increasingly central part of how I consider our relationship with other animals through voice and language. What happens when one making animal meets another? Eleanor Morgan explores the strange web of spider-human relationships and the history of the human uses of spider silk.

Architectures and materialities protect us but also implicate us, indoctrinate our bodies and imaginations. For the past ten years, Xavier Villafranca’s experi-mentation with common materials has led to temporal events that mutate form, states and expression. Antennae is a peer-reviewed, non-funded, independent, quarterly academic journal. All rights of featured content of website and PDF publication are reserved. 2011 USIEF – All Rights Reserved. Girls Whatsapp mobile numbers for chat and friendship.