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If you ‘dating sites that use astrology’ us, we’ll LOVE you! Finding a serious relationship on a dating app — It seems impossible, right?

It happens for a lot of couples, including, much to my surprise, myself, on Tinder of all apps. The thing about Tinder and all dating apps is everyone single is on it, so where else are you going to find true love? I filed for divorce from my husband after nine long months of chaos and attempts at reconciliation in early 2018. One of the first things I did was download Tinder.

I’d started dating my ex-husband ten years ago. Dating apps were not a thing then, and I was fascinated. I also had no idea where I might even meet available men. All of those things immediately eliminated how often I could go out and where I might even go.

Was I ready to begin dating when I first downloaded Tinder? Had I sorted out my issues with the end of my marriage and appropriately grieved the end of that relationship? I did, though, start a profile and go on a couple of dates with guys. I very quickly realized I wasn’t ready yet and took a break.

When I came back to the app, I had worked through some things. I still had more to work through, but I was ready to try to more actively date. And after going through some frogs, I met Brian, my serious honey, on Tinder. Be clear about what you’re looking for in your profile. Not here for hook-ups, looking for dates, or looking for dates that could lead to something more are clear and to the point. That’s bound to freak out anyone.