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What is now the United Kingdom has been invaded by the Celts, the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings and the Normans. All of these peoples contributed words which make dating spalding lincs the place names we have today.

The earliest names are those of the main rivers which generally originate before the arrival of the Celts indicating the importance of rivers for travel and communications. Celts, who lived in northern France and the Netherlands, moved north into Britain in small numbers from the fourth century B. The River Ouse gets its name from the Celtic word for water, and Lynn from the Celtic word for lake. England was the a distant part of the Roman Empire. The Romans only left behind around 300 place names so it seems that the Roman administrators must have continued to use existing Celtic names. Roman names for their main towns were usually replaced with Old English names by the Anglo-Saxons.

As with the Celtic elements, there are very few names that contain Latin elements but one is significant. They came from Denmark and the coast of Germany and Holland. Englisc, now termed ‘Anglo-Saxon’ or ‘Old English’. But through the ninth to the eleventh centuries they came to settle alongside the Anglo-Saxons. Eastern and south-east England became subject to Danish rule, the Danelaw. The north-west of England and Scotland were invaded by the Norwegians.

Normans, a Germanic tribe with lands in northern France, led by Duke William of Normandy, invaded and defeated Harold at the battle of Hastings. They were Christians and pushed back the pagan Celts to the margins of the country. They cover the country from St. Aston and Ashton  One letter difference but the former means eastern farmstead or estate while the latter means farmstead or estate where ash trees grow. A Dictionary of British Place-Names — A. Leave this automobilia and other collectibles page and go to the main homepage for lots of old vehicle stuff!

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