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Trump Guy” is the eleventh episode of the seventeenth season of the animated sitcom Family Guy, and the 320th episode overall. Although the producers of Family Guy have mocked Trump as well as many prominent Republican figures dating white guy the past, this was the first episode to be entirely focused on Trump. This article needs an improved plot summary.

Prior to the previous episode, Peter Griffin and his family move to Washington D. Peter was hired to work for Donald Trump. The episode courted some controversy prior to airing for a joke included at the end of “Hefty Shades of Grey” with Trump making sexual advances to his daughter Ivanka Trump, in reference to a 2006 appearance on The View when the then-reality television star said, “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her. Family Guy Producers Break Down Episode Skewering Trump”. Trump Creeps on Ivanka in Family Guy Teaser That’s Sure to Cause a Tweetstorm”.

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Live action, animated, dirty, smart and funny. The Money Shot And we do mean the money shot. Finally fulfill that fantasy of seeing yourself in a porn. And once that gets boring, replace yourself with your friend, or frenemy and pass it around.

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