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I don’t want to marry her and I don’t want her to be With another man, I find myself upset each time I see her with another, I will be so angry and sometimes I go as far as causing problems once I see she is in a relationship or I see any man around her . I don’t know if I love her but I don’t think I want to marry or date her . 039 ll go straight to my point. I met this guy sometime last year during my divorce and right now the guys is deeply in free naija mobile dating site with me.

039 m on and off with moods swings and anger and pain from the previous relationship. 039 m not 100percent certain of how I feel but I sincerely like the guy. Teenage marriage is better than fornication. Hello house, Pls I need mature advice on this issue. I had to create this account as to remain anonymous. I’ve been married for 2 years plus, with a son and expecting another. The problem is that my wife is not proud of me, not proud to be associated with me and does not show excitement concerning me or gifts that I buy for her.

She is just too plain, too emotionless. It started from our dating days. We dated for a year plus. 039 m in a long distance relationship. 039 re almost a year together.

Few weeks ago he requested she comes to work for him for the period of time his assistant will be away. 039 s a close family friend that is married with kids. Good day follow pals,i married to my wife 4 yrs ago from akwaibom to Enugu state,my wife suddenly changed . 039 s number and saved her own number as Samantha. I told her that my mother was sick and needed the money urgently. Please I know my write up is very lengthy, please help me to take your time to go thru it as I am depressed. 3 years now, and we have been hoping on God for the fruit of the womb.