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Jump to navigation Jump to search The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the Australian soap opera Neighbours in 2002, by order of first appearance. They were all introduced by the is connor mcdonough dating megan’s executive producer Stanley Walsh.

Marcus “Marc” Lambert, played by David Karakai, made his first appearance on 20 February 2002. Marc and his wealthy family buy and run Lassiter’s Hotel. Marc becomes engaged to Stephanie Scully, but he also falls for her sister, Felicity. Marc was brought up within a wealthy family and he did not have to work hard for the things in his life. When the Lambert’s purchase Lassiter’s Hotel, Marc takes over the job of assistant manager and he spends his first days scouting the local businesses to see if they can work in a partnership together.

Marc meets Stephanie Scully when she parks her motobike in his space and he meets her again in The Coffee Shop when they both go to get a drink. Marc realises that his feelings for Felicity are stronger than his feelings for Steph. Weeks before the wedding, Felicity tells Marc that she is in love with him. Steph announces that she is pregnant and Marc decides that he has no choice but to stand by her.

The BBC said Marc’s most notable moment was “Calling off the wedding when he was supposed to say I do. In 2007, the Herald Sun placed Steph’s discovery of Marc and Felicity’s affair at number four on their list of Neighbours Top Ten moments. Maggie Millar, made her first on-screen appearance on 13 March 2002. Rosie an Anglican Minister and the mother of Max and Izzy Hoyland.

Rosie arrives in Erinsborough as the new reverend of St. Rosie supports Harold when he temporarily loses his sigh and keeps him company in the hospital. Rosie and Lou walk in on Harold confessing that he likes Rosie, and Rosie is put in an uncomfortable position. Rosie encourages Lou to move in with Harold, when he is discharged from the hospital. As a thank you to Rosie, Harold invites her for dinner. Rosie does not feel right about excluding Lou and invites him to join them for dessert. Rosie’s conventional approach to community and church-related matters makes the Bishop uncomfortable and he eventually has Rosie transferred out of Erinsborough.

Rosie is shocked when she is told that she will be moving to Byron Bay. Lou and Harold then fight for Rosie to stay. The Archbishop tells Rosie that he will look into the matter. Lou and Harold’s friendship begins to suffer and Rosie puts her relationship with Lou on hold. A BBC writer stated that Rosie’s most notable moment was “Escaping from the burning church in episode 4000.

Chloe Lambert, played by Stephanie Daniel, is the mother of Marc and Jordan Lambert. She made her first on-screen appearance on 5 April 2002. Daniel had previously appeared in Neighbours as Ruth Wilson in 1985. Lassiter’s and Chloe takes control of the day-to-day running of the hotel.