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Pilots, spotters, preservationists and armchair aviation enthusiasts all welcome! Moving military dating site uk the jet age, there are some super photographs of aircraft such as the B1 and B2 Avro Vulcan, the prototype Concorde in action, the delta-winged Gloster Javelin, the groundbreaking Meteor, the Valiant, Super Sabres, and even an under-wing view of the Tupolev TU144. Needless to say, if you have anything that you think may be of interest, by all means drop me an email.

Photos of aircraft either civilian or military would be much appreciated! I’ve been interested in aviation from a young age. Convair Coronado, and the Heavylift CL-44 cargo plane. The plan with Classic Aircraft is to feature the older aeroplanes no longer in regular use, both civilian and military.

I hope you find something of interest within these pages! Recent photographs of preserved airframes In addition to period photos featuring classic and vintage aircraft, there is also a comprehensive gallery of recent images, featuring older aircraft that have survived into preservation. These later pictures can be seen here. Classic Aircraft classifieds Running for some time now has been an extensive aviation classifieds section, free to use, and hopefully of use to anyone interested in old aircraft, or perhaps visitors who collect memorabilia relating to a particular airframe, or may be involved in the restoration of vintage aeroplanes and are looking to find parts.