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Hi I am Mo Salah, komme aus Ägypten  seit 3 Jahren bin ich in Deutschland. Bin Arzt von Beruf,  nicht unbedingt in sachsen zu bleiben. Am Miss Kayla from USA , I will like to know  more about you, there is something very important i will like to discuss with you. Assalamo alaikom, I’m looking for a serious girl for marriage.

British born pakistani muslim residing in Hertfordshire. I come from a conservative family background and have 1 younger sibling. I ask for the conditions of mutual understanding and mutual relation. I do not have dry beliefs. I’m a great person to make a good living. I’m a simple Man Looking For honest, Kind and joyful woman.

I m a man good sincere faithful practicing my religion. I m here for to find a good lady. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you agree. Dating a Muslim: Things to Understand They are not actually different. Every sensible woman needs mutual understanding in both friendly and romantic relationships. This truth is one of the key ones among Muslim dating rules.

Luckily, social media have managed to destroy innumerable delusions connected with the character and general behavior of Islam females. They do have certain background peculiarities, but it doesn’t mean they are completely different from the others. If you’re looking for Muslim women for dating, keep in mind, that each of them has her own way of thinking. Every sensible Islamic female knows for sure that there’s nothing worse than being aggressive to other people for no reason. Muslim women for dating are not always humble and silent all the time. They have their temper and they’re quite intelligent. They know how to respect men.

Nevertheless, they understand that their role in the family is significant. They know how to be respectful mothers and daughters. They also respect the authority of parents and they know how to bring up kids. Nevertheless, Muslim dating for marriage has a lot more to offer than a typical family life.

In addition to the basic family values, each woman of Islam has quite a lot of knowledge on numerous subjects. You’ll never be disappointed in her being a passionate lover, a devoted mother, or a faithful wife. The confusing stereotypes don’t work on Muslim women for dating. They are functional in society, though they have certain historically grounded values that should be taken into consideration. How to Date a Muslim Girl: Tips The new generation of Muslim dating girls is something intermediate between the traditions and the modern way of thinking. But what is the way to combine the romantic feel of present days with traditional values of religious females? Make Sure You Know and Respect Her Values.

The main tip is to stay frank and open-minded whatever happens. Muslim dating women respect masculinity and male power in all spheres of life. However, you will never be respected in case if you are not able to value her way of thinking. Have a Grasp on Her Background. Modern Islamic culture develops and alters with the time to be able to coincide with the world’s way of living. Traditional Islamic rules regard dating before marriage as a form of sin. Nowadays, Muslim dating rules have been slightly modified.

There’s nothing wrong with Muslim online dating. You’ll be able to have about a year of mutual conversations before you finally decide to get to the official acknowledgment of your relationship. The trouble is that every man that starts communicating with their potential brides is regarded as a potential husband. Muslim dating is based on initial mutual respect because it is done primarily for a further marriage. Muslim Dating Rules Dating Muslim women is tricky but fruitful.

Love is never prohibited in Islam. But there are some rules that should be strictly followed in case if you don’t want to hurt your potential bride’s feelings. Involve families as early as possible. This will demonstrate your meaningful intentions.

Muslim dating is considered acceptable in case if it is mutually approved by the families. It’s the same with Muslim online dating. Muslim dating women are looking for their soulmates first. Physical or sexual undertones in your conversation may be repulsive for them.