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Aztecah is the Nahuatl word for «online dating in lahore from Aztlan». Nahuatl legends relate that seven tribes lived in Chicomoztoc, or «the place of the seven caves». The various descriptions of Aztlán apparently contradict each other. While some legends describe Aztlán as a paradise, the Codex Aubin says that the Aztecs were subject to a tyrannical elite called the Azteca Chicomoztoca.

Some say that the southward migration began on May 24, 1064 CE, after the Crab Nebula events from May to July 1054. Each of the seven groups is credited with founding a different major city-state in Central Mexico. 1064-1065, and correlated to January 4, 1065. Cristobal del Castillo mentions in his book «Fragmentos de la Obra General Sobre Historia de los Mexicanos», that the lake around the Aztlan island was called Metztliapan or «Lake of the moon. While Aztlán has many trappings of myth, similar to Tamoanchan, Chicomoztoc, Tollan, and Cibola, archaeologists have nonetheless attempted to identify a geographic place of origin for the Mexica. Aztecs, wrote of Aztec emperor Moctezuma I’s attempt to recover the history of the Mexica by congregating warriors and wise men on an expedition to locate Aztlán. According to Durán, the expedition was successful in finding a place that offered characteristics unique to Aztlán.