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Despite improvements in video conferencing and VoIP technologies, and despite the fact that more people have cell phones now than ever before, we just aren’t speaking to each other as often. Americans have cell phones, but spend 26 minutes per day texting and only 6 minutes on calls. In fact, the first ever decline in global mobile voice usage occurred in 2013 and that trend is likely to continue. How does your talking and texting stack up against the averages? As you can imagine, these stats do vary slightly from country to country.

Predictably, email is still the most frequently used form of non-vocal communication, but that may change very soon. This non-vocal trend started, at least in part, because of the spread of the internet. Internet usage saw a meteoric rise from 44 million in 1995, to over 3 billion in 2015. For perspective, an average of 0. 4 texts were sent per month in 1995. Today, there are over 193,000 messages sent per second, and that’s just via SMS. Keep in mind that the spread of internet communication has been worldwide.