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Enter the punjabi dating app you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Zoroastrian weddings are a religious ceremony in Zoroastrianism in which two individuals, a man and a woman are united.

In Zoroastrianism, marriage within the community is encouraged, and is greatly favored in religious texts. In the Avesta, manhood and womanhood are gained at the age of 15, when they would be ready for marriage. However, in India, the threshold for marriage is set by the Parsi Marriage and Divorce ct, 1936 which states the threshold at 21 for males and 18 for females. Traditionally marriages are arranged by the parents with the consent of the children. In recent times however, it is not uncommon for this system to be reversed, with the parents consulted about a decision made by the marrying parties. Ceremonies exist which are observed prior to the marriage.

They will be most likely spread over several days. Ceremonies vary, and not all the rites described below may be observed in one wedding. Other customs may also be included. Presents of silver coins are prepared by the ladies of both the bride and bridegroom’s families in the homes of the marrying parties, each group going to the other’s home. It is upon this betrothal that the bride takes the name of her husband, even if the marriage does not later occur.

This betrothal is often performed quickly after a marriage is arranged. Two lamps are lit, one in each of the homes of the marrying parties. Once again the ladies travel to the home of the other party and place a silver coin upon the lamp. It is at this occasion that formal gifts are exchanged. This includes the exchange of wedding rings.

The third day before the wedding, is regarded as the day for gift exchanging. On this day the groom’s family visits the bride’s home to present her with all the gifts like clothes and jewelry. The ritual is known as Adarni. The bride herself may also go over to the groom’s home for this tradition but the groom cannot do the same.