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1 Shore length is not a speed dating nc-defined measure. Lake Norman is fed by the Catawba River, and drains into Mountain Island Lake to the south. It was named after former Duke Power president Norman Atwater Cocke.

Lake Norman provides electricity to the Piedmont region of the Carolinas. Lake Norman gets a mean annual precipitation of about 43. Southern Piedmont and Central Piedmont climate divisions. Lake Norman is a man-made lake that stretches 33.

6 miles long, 9 miles wide, and covers 520 miles in shore line length. 5 feet, but at some points it drops down to 110 feet. The lake is mainly constructed of interfingered igneous and metamorphic rock. Metamorphic rock means that the rock was changed by heat, pressure or chemical action while embedded below the earth’s surface. There are two kinds of metamorphic rocks which are foliated and non-foliated.

The lake also consists of various clay and plastic soils. These mechanically engineered soils are maintained and constructed with artificial enforcing, which adds a stabilization factor, and solidifies the lake so it won’t break down and wear away. Clay soil specifically is a soil which contains a high percentage of particles that becomes sticky when wet, and therefore holds together better. In terms of location, there are two belts that Lake Norman is placed on, and they are the Charlotte belt and the Inner Piedmont belt. The Charlotte belt is made up of igneous rock aging 300 to 500 million years old.

Igneous rocks are used in construction, hence why the lake was built on top of them. Although Lake Norman itself was man made and created between 1959 and 1964, the land that it is located on surfaced in the Paleozoic era during the Devonian period and the Cambrian period. During the Devonian period, the land masses of North America and Europe collided which caused large granite intrusions that made the Appalachian Mountains rise. Sediment was also distributed to lowlands and shallow water masses during this time. The main cause of erosion issues on Lake Norman is the density of residential neighborhoods located so closely to the shorelines of the lake. When Davidson College was in the process of purchasing the property along Lake Norman and finalizing plans for lake campus, many assessments were conducted to analyze the quality of the land and quality of dams feeding into the lake. Initially a report completed in 1990 by Dr.