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The specified URL cannot be found. He was also the father of astrophysicist Martin Schwarzschild. Schwarzschild accomplished this while serving speed dating potsdam the German army during World War I.

He died the following year from the autoimmune disease pemphigus, which he developed while at the Russian front. Asteroid 837 Schwarzschilda is named in his honour, as is the large crater Schwarzschild, on the far side of the Moon. Schwarzschild was born in Frankfurt am Main to Jewish parents. His father was active in the business community of the city, and the family had ancestors in the city dating back to the sixteenth century. Karl attended a Jewish primary school until 11 years of age.

From 1897, he worked as assistant at the Kuffner Observatory in Vienna. From 1901 until 1909 he was a professor at the prestigious institute at Göttingen, where he had the opportunity to work with some significant figures, including David Hilbert and Hermann Minkowski. From 1912, Schwarzschild was a member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences. At the outbreak of World War I in 1914 he joined the German army, despite being over 40 years old. He served on both the western and eastern fronts, rising to the rank of lieutenant in the artillery. While serving on the front in Russia in 1915, he began to suffer from a rare and painful autoimmune skin disease called pemphigus.