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The following session formats are offered at the Walk21 Vienna Conference. Please be aware that slight changes of speed dating session format descriptions may occur due to final programming.

This is an oral presentation in a session shared with other presenters to illuminate different perspectives and experience on the same topic. The presentations will provide the framework for the subsequent discussion and will be selected to encourage debate. A roundtable allows for extended discussion among a small cohort of colleagues, giving and receiving targeted feedback, engaging in in-depth discussions and meeting colleagues with similar interests. Roundtables are good venues for the hands-on exploration of case studies.

Speakers are encouraged to provide insight into their topic and encourage questions and discussion taking advantage of the expertise and insights of other attendees to build a professional network. 10 minutes presentation, 20 minutes discussion, then participants move to another table. There are no traditional audio visual aids available. If you have submitted a round table, think about how to encourage questions and discussion.

Please deliver information on your topic in form of an executive summary. Don’t forget to consider the goal of your work at the roundtable. 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images change automatically while presenters are talking, so that the story line of the talk is built around the chosen images. There will be no time to digress or get hung up on a detail but it can be a very engaging and exciting session. Remember, the images of your talk automatically change after 20 seconds. There will be 6 presentations per session.