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I’ve dated countless women and it has always amazed me how little they know about men. If nothing else, this watch polyamory married and dating online free is an outlet for voicing my astonishment at the typical female’s ignorance of the male mindset. At most, it is a reliable source of advice for women who want to improve their chances with the opposite sex.

I recently met up with a friend for a couple drinks at a local bar. Me: Good to see you again man, you haven’t been out in forever. Friend: I know, my girlfriend is away for the next couple weeks, and I was getting bored of being home alone. Me: Oh yeah, how are things going with her? Friend: It’s good man, I just don’t know it’s been a year and I’m starting to get kinda itchy. Me: Yikes, you should probably go get that checked out.

No, no, not itchy as in herpes, itchy as in restless. I keep wondering if I should end it and look for someone else. Me: Oh OK, gotcha but wait, really? From what Greg  tells me, she treats you like a king.

Friend: Dude, no, it’s true — she is awesome. She does everything I can possibly want. She never says no to sex, she cleans my apartment, she cooks food for me, she is fun to be around — everything. Friend: I want to fuck other girls. But it is really bothering me.

I mean, she does everything I want. She wakes up before me in the morning to cook me breakfast, she cleans my room for me — she even cleans Greg’s room sometimes. I tell her to give me a blowjob, she gives me an amazing blowjob. I tell her I am going to put it in her butt, she just asks me to use extra lube.

Me: Damn, that is awesome I’ve never really had a girl like that. Friend: I know man, but even with all of that, I still want to fuck other girls. Like, I would even fuck a girl less hot than her, just for the variety. Me: Yeah I know exactly what you mean, sometimes you just want something new. Even a smoking hot girl gets old after well, not even after very long, you know? Me: It’s that animal instinct, man.

When the hunt is over the thought of a new body starts to creep into the back of your mind — a new body with new curves, new hair and new lips we are wired to feel that way. If men didn’t want to fuck as much as we do, humans wouldn’t have evolved anywhere near as quickly as we have. It’s just our genetics trying to propagate the species. Hahaha, I’m just thinking about doing what mother nature wants me to do. Me: Hahah yeah but I mean, the thing is, cheating on your girl isn’t going to fix the problem, it is just going to postpone it. You’d get a new girl and start to feel the same restlessness with her too.

I guess you are right, it just kinda sucks. Me: Well, yeah it sucks, and at this point in my life I avoid that problem mostly by avoiding relationships in general. But I like to think that there is a girl out there that I’ll like enough that I will be willing to suppress those instincts for — at least enough to get over that initial difficulty. I haven’t found her yet, but it’s conceivable someone like that exists.

I am sure some women would try to attribute my friends’ restlessness to his girlfriend being too easy or boring — and there might even be some truth to either or both of those suggestions. However, the fact remains that men will always want to have sex with multiple women. Have you considered that his gf has picked up on this and is getting a little desperate? Cleaning his room is fine, but cleaning for whoever Greg is — that’s not a great gf, that’s a maid. I’d like to point out that this situation is slightly similar for both parties.

Of course women don’t have the same urge to see new men naked, but when the magic disappears, it disappears for both. Women want a lot of validation, and he definitely doesn’t look at her now the way he did when they met. I don’t know how your friend would feel about it, or if it’s a big problem considering your gf could sleep with other men. Maybe for some time it’s preferable, just to see what the alternative really feels like. I just came across this post and whomever thinks that women «don’t have the same urge to see new men naked» is sadly misinformed! It’s time you men grasp that notion!

You can say that again Anonymous! Men just choose to believe we don’t. WANT to have sex with people outside the relationship. Not all of us are narcissistic chauvinists.