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Someone Great’ starts streaming on Netflix. What’s happening on stage in Tampa Bay: The St. Plus, brilliant classical pianist Igor Lovchinsky and Coffee Concerts. Starfish,’ Collective Soul flex their muscles and more. The next few days present the Tampa Taqueria Tour and Tampa Bay Caribbean Carnival, too. What to know when Mainsail Art Festival returns to St. Harry Potter,’ including the pooch whose bark is worse than his bite.

Fun family events and parties as well as services and plays mark the holiest week of the year for Christians. Chamber Players at the Palladium, Brew Bus Brewing pairs beer with Easter candy and Cabaret Comedy Night at the Lion’s Den. The recent rush of popular films made locally has also created new jobs. The new coaster will be in soft openings this week before officially opening Friday. Betches’ New Dating App Ship Lets Your Friends Swipe, But Is That A Good Thing? It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you’ve ever used a dating app, you’ve also taken a screenshot of a particularly noteworthy profile to text to your friends.

When new users download the app, they select if they are currently single or in a relationship. Each option leads to a different interface. If you’re single, you can swipe for yourself — like you might on any other dating app — or invite a group of friends to join you. If you’re in a relationship, you can swipe as part of your single friends’ crews, but you cannot swipe for yourself. Last month, a Betches blog post revealing their plans to launch a dating app began on a sharp note: «Dating sucks,» the post announced. The Betches co-founders Aleen Kuperman, Samantha Fishbein, and Jordana Abraham, all 29, tell Elite Daily that Ship aims to suck the suckiness out of modern dating by lowering the stakes and infusing the process with a friendly, supportive spirit.

Betches Media»Part of the reason that swiping can be exhausting is because it feels every swipe or every match, if it doesn’t materialize into what you want, it’s a big disappointment,» Abraham tells Elite Daily. But if that’s not the first priority that’s in your head, and your priority is just kind of enjoying it, it lowers the stakes and becomes less disappointing if it doesn’t go well. When you’re disappointed on most dating apps, there’s nothing to build you back up,» Fishbein adds. Well, now you’ll never find someone. I honestly wish it existed when I was single,» Candice, 25, tells Elite Daily.